As promised, the following is my evaluation of yesterday’s market edibles ~

  • fresh cooked dungeness crab meat = Grade D.  Not that fresh, a hint or two of fishy odor assailed my nose as soon as I popped the lid (never a good sign for freshness).  The texture was a bit rubbery as if it had been cooked too long.  Very disappointing. 
  • farm fresh organic extra-large brown eggs = Grade D+ or a C-, depending on how generous I am feeling when I recall the fact that three of the yolks of the five eggs I cracked open, broke as soon as they fell into the bowl and that one of them was so bloody that I believe there might have been the beginnings of triplet or quartetlets (is that a word) fertilized chicks.  I know, the whole deal was pretty gruesome.  I finally ended up with two useable eggs which were totally edible but not as tasty as I imagined they would be or maybe it was that I had lost some of my appetite for eggs by the time I got to the point of eating them.  Oh and I must say, that an extra-large egg does not mean the same thing it used to as these eggs looked sort of little. 

Okay, so lest the reader leave thinking that I am all sour grapes and too tough a critic, let me end by saying that an adventure and new experience is not negated by a few poor events.  Put another way, not every meal is going to be lick your plate good.  Or my personal favorite (not), when life gives you lemons (which I love the acidic bite), make lemonade (but remember not to ruin it by adding too much sugar).  Although in yesterday’s case, if life gives you really expensive food treats that turn out to be nothing close to a true treat, throw them away and move on.  Remember, meals are about the multiple not the singular experience or some such thing.  Basically, don’t let an 8 oz container of bad dungeness crab and a cardboard box of bloody brown eggs get you down.