Like the woman on the 4 of Discs Motherpeace tarot card, my energies are seeking inner sanctuary ~ a place where I can be alone and sheltered.  Silence, solitude, and time to reconnoiter, to gather my thoughts, to realign with my universe, to take stock.  This silence and time is required to allow this past five year intellectual and spiritual growth spurt to be assimmilated fully into my consciousness. 

This pull comes at an opportune time as my current life circumstances provide me the three required external elements to this internal calling ~ solitude   silence    and time.  I am alone here in the Attic.  There is absence of noise, conversation, static     that is to the extent that a city is ever silent.  It is silent enough for my purposes.  A few days stretch before me of unscheduled time    absent of outside demands.

And, again, like the 4 of Discs woman, I am free to open or shut the Attic door at my will.  Free to say no to the outside requests, in order to figure out what I need for myself.  I will use this gift of time, solitude, and silence  wisely. 

Thank you Universe for this opportunity to drop away from the Outside frenzy.  Thank you Self for attending to the Spirit’s call.