Today I am feeling life’s grace and this is a gift from the Universe for sure.  Another hurdle in the educational and career paths has been successfully jumped and I am relieved to report, cleared without a stumble.  This morning I was offered and accepted a postdoctoral position.  The start date of this position is in the fall of this year which will allow me time this summer to study for the EPPP, the national exam for psychologists for licensure.  The best part of this victory is that the offering site was my first choice on my list of applied for positions. 

So I continue to work on finishing up the very last stages of my dissertation with an exhalation of stress and an inhalation of renewed vigor.  The end of the doctoral degree path is in sight.  When I arrive at the finish line I will definitely belt out a couple of big Wooo Hoooos.

It has been a long time since I have allowed myself to feel the grace of life and I will say that the feeling is worth basking in for a minute or two or maybe three.