They say don’t keep dead flowers in your home.  Something about attracting decay, unwanted detritus.  Who would want dead stuff and junk in their home?  Small pieces of crumbling unuseable stuff.  Accumulating, piling up all because of a bouquet or two of dead cut flowers. 

Guess I should remove the bunch of purple irises from my stainless steel topped desk.  Toss them with their still bright yellow faces into the garbage can.  While I am at it I guess I should rid my desk of the magenta orchids too.  Some of the buds are slowly exploding, opening their pale greenish-yellow skins to reveal the deep reddish purple blooms.  but overall the bouquet is well past its prime with some of the blooms turned brown and shriveled suspended only by resting on other still attached petals. 

Into the trash they should go.  Magnets.  attractors of dust, debris, harbingers of death.  perhaps.  or simply the consequence of a too busy schedule.  a mind occupied by headier material, thoughts caught in an endless loop of race, the consequences and costs of racism, oppression.  formatting of 12-font sentences, paragraphs, chapters, and sections.  oh too busy to worry over flowers gone bad. 

too busy to empty the trash.