Finishing up a dissertation is most definitely a phase that I like much better than beginning one or writing the middle part of.  But (cuz you know there’s almost always a but or a however) the final leg of the dissertation journey does unveil its own little set of horrors urrrr I mean, concerns.  I am learning that there are a multitude of formatting BS urrrr I mean requirements to which one’s dissertation must conform.  When is a table a table versus an appendix?  Does everyone have a Dedication page and an Acknowledgements page?  Come on folks, I can’t hear your answers.  These are not rhetorical questions.  These are real life stupid urrrr I mean bureaucratic inquiries. 

And who all does one acknowledge on this Acknowledgements page?  Oh the considerations continue to multiply.  The trouble is I write these acknowledgements in my sleep, waking with the words tripping off my tongue, sometimes spoken outloud.  But (there’s that little word again) instead of writing them down, quickly, I let them evaporate into the cosmos ~ collected dust that settles thickly on my shiny desk top.