oh my.  At least I think that’s how that little diddy goes from some Broadway show or maybe it came from the Wizard of Oz.  In my case this week it’s the muni bus and food that has me chanting of curses and witches and cravings, oh my!  Let me ask you this, have you ever had a curse put on you by a woman dressed in business attire and big brown sunglasses?  and if you have had this particular pleasure, did you feel unsettled and off kilter for approximately 48 hours? 

In the past almost two years of being a frequent BART and muni bus rider, I have had numerous interesting experiences with John and Jane Q Public.  And now I can add having a curse put, or would that be placed, on me.  I can honestly say that this is an experience that I could have lived an entire lifetime without and not missed, at all.  I will also say that whether or not one believes in such things, curses and a human being’s ability to place said curse, it is disquieting to be the curse-ee. 

For the next day or so, I found myself questioning each little bobble or blip that I encountered.  Stuff like, my necklace breaking, forgetting to pay for BART parking and ensuing ticket, a leaky coffee cup, inability to concentrate – you know, the everyday kind of minutia that doesn’t usually require dissection. 

Today, 48+ hours on this side of the curse, I can say that my perhaps cursed psyche has returned to some semblance of its usual uncursed status, meaning I am not sure what exactly but I do know that I feel less off kilter than day before yesterday.  As I do with clients, I asked myself can you identify what you did to help return to center?  Yes.  I followed my cravings, my food cravings that is.  I walked into my Attic kitchen, took out my slow cooker, sent the SO to the grosh (aka grocery store), and before you could say of curses and witches and cravings, oh my! a hundred times, the Attic was filled with the aromas of a yummy comforting chicken meal. 

On deck today for the cravings chant are chicken enchiladas which I am hoping will dispell any remaining curse-like cooties that might still be hanging on.