Since I am not a blogging wizard and actually only hold the most elementary how-to-blog knowledge, I cannot figure out how to make another blog site stop appropriating my posts.  It seems that the site takes my posts that contain the tag of identity so that when my post that contains that tag shows up on a Google search, the searcher is taken to the idenitygang’s website instead of mine.  I also can’t tell if there are other tag words that would do the same – take folks to the other site versus mine.  I cannot find anywhere on their site a means to remove my posts or in any other way communicate with “them,” the faceless blogging thieves.

I am currently on the identity train in my thoughts and blogging but do not want my words stolen and put on another site.  For one thing, I am trying to build a relationship with other Korean adoptees as well as connections with other folks in general with my blogging and this appropriation by another site is not helping toward that goal.  Plus, it just seems wrong to take someone’s stuff and post it on your blog without permission.  Don’t get me wrong, this other site is not saying they wrote my post and once you get to their site and find my post you can then see it’s junemoon’s work.  However, I just want my stuff to come up under my blog’s name on a Google search.  Is that too much to ask?  The answer for the moment is, yes. 

Since I have not had a lot of extra time the past few days to try and figure out a solution to this dilemma, I have simply stopped posting until I could become blog savvy enough to steal-proof my work.  But since it appears that this savviness is not going to take place anytime soon, I have decided to just take my chances and continue blogging.  Maybe if I just stop using the identity tag…