Over at Forest Street Kitchen, imagineannie, recently wrote about a dinner party for four and who she would invite.  I have played that game before and agree with her that my invite list changes from time to time, depending on my mood, current interests, and energy level. 

Today, if I could sit at a table with four folks of my choosing and engage in lively conversation while sharing delicious food, I would invite my first mom, my first father, my former beloved dog companion (and yes, she would have a place setting at the table not under it), and I would reserve the fourth plate and chair for a sibling from my first family in case any such person exists/ed. 

So it looks like that today I would forego witty political debate or scholarly repertoire in favor of a search for meaningful dialogue between and among hearts and family.  As a Korean adoptee who has spent years searching for my original family, the thought of such a sit down dinner is a longed for desire.  I can guarantee you the communion would be worth the wait.  This dinner fantasy is, after all, of my making and as such I declare that all invitees would arrive dressed in their fancy clothes (and fur as applicable) eager to share their lives and hearts.  There would be no need for translators (from English to Korean or Korean to English or from Canine to Human) as we would all be granted the ability to speak and to understand a Universal language.

What shall I serve.  what shall I wear.  will my myriad of questions be answered.  will the answers satisfy my hunger.