C, over at all the elbows tagged me to come out and join in this meme game.  Thank you C!  I must say this game turned out to have a little bit of a learning curve about how to link to a previous post.  But I am proud to report that I think I mastered the task and now have another tool in my how-to-blog tool chest. 

Here are the rules of the game ~

  1. Choose five favorite archived posts so people can go back and find out why they should love your page or fall in love with it all over again.
  2. The posts must fit into five categories ~ family, friends, about yourself, something you love, and anything you choose.
  3. Remind folks to read and comment on the chosen posts 🙂
  4. Tag five others, of which two should be newer acquaintances.

Since I have only been blogging at this site since September of last year, I do not have a huge archival base to choose from but I dove into the play anyway.  Here’s what I came up with ~

Link 1 ~ about family ~ /2007/12/11/warming-the-cockles-of-my-heart/

Link 2 ~ about friends ~ /2007/09/10/is-closeness-worth-it/

Link 3 ~ about myself ~ /2007/09/15/where-pigs-and-angels-fly/

Link 4 ~ something I love ~  /2007/10/05/a-fiddles-not-always-a-fiddle/

Link 5 ~ anything I choose ~ /2007/09/09/roots/

As to who to tag, that’s a little harder seeings that I just tagged folks yesterday for another meme and my blog buddy list isn’t that long…  So I will extend an open invitation to anyone reading this blog who would like to play to simply jump in!  If you do, I hope you’ll let me know so I can hop over to your blog site and check out your fave posts.