Funny.  How the Universe answers our prayers even when they’re in the form of poor me complaints.  I was pining away for playmates and what do I find?  Yes, you guessed right ~ playmates.  In the form of two blogging buddies, Phil at Under Open Skies and Christine at all the elbows, who both tagged me with memes.  Phil’s comes in the form of a Book Meme and Christine’s in My Fave Archival Posts Meme.  Since the archived posts meme includes my learning how to link to previous posts [it may take me a while], I’ll jump in and start with P’s Book Meme. 

Here are the rules that were told to me:

  1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
  2. Open the book to page 123.
  3. Find the fifth sentence.
  4. Post the next three sentences.
  5. Tag five people.

So first, I cheated.  I got up from my desk and chose a book from a bookcase cuz I didn’t think readers would be too enthralled with Freud and Freud and Freud (wow, try saying that three times really fast).  Well maybe the readers would but I definitely need a break from the old man.

The book I chose was Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s Gift from the Sea, which barely made the page count minimum with 128 pages.  Through the years I have read and re-read the simple passages, finding solace and encouragement.  There were times when I read with envy, this White woman of financial means and her ability to shed her every day demands and responsibilities and walk the beach solo without her child running after her calling her name, needing something, needing everything from her.  In other more generous times, I breathed in her words, grateful to be reminded of life’s true meaning. 

So here are the sentences from page 123, written right before Lindbergh was slated to leave her time of solitude and return to her regular life ~

Today a kind of planetal point of view has burst upon mankind.  The world is tumbling and erupting in ever-widening circles around us.  The tensions, conflicts and sufferings even in the outermost circle touch us all, reverberate in all of us.

and then I will throw in the fourth sentence as well, partly because I think it is significant enough to share, and partly because I have a hard time following rules.

We cannot avoid these vibrations.

I think this passage is true and profound and serendipitous.  Phil’s choice was from Obama’s the Audacity of Hope, and I find it remarkable when Lindbergh’s words are read with P’s selection in mind.  vibrations.


I am tagging these three folks:

  • Antonia over at Thursday and eggs sound the same to me;
  • Sang-Shil over at Land of the Not-So-Calm; and,
  • Annie over at Forest Street Kitchen.

Come on, let’s play 🙂