Influence.  Change.  Expand. 

After today, I must admit my SO has had a definite sway over me.  I just finished watching the Super Bowl game.  Solo.  Without the SO.  I watched the Super Bowl XXXVVVII (I have no idea what Roman Numeral it really is – I refuse to go that far) alone.  

Prior to today, I idenitified with the non-football fans.  A non-fan.  That’s me.  or that was me before the last 11 years of partnership with my SO. 

A bit of back story is called for ~

The SO is Swedish.  He hails from Minnesota.  On Christmas Eve we (my entire family) now celebrate with the traditional Swedish four course meal that showcases lutefisk (a dish that requires fish and lye ~ don’t ask and I won’t tell).  He is a Viking’s fan.  He belongs to a Viking’s football Club that he attends regularly.  He has won a lot of Viking’s merchandise at this Club, including a throw rug and a hat with Viking horns and blond yarn braids.  He has been known to wear said hat.  He has also been known to make certain grandkiddos wear said hat.

Did I mention that we have been together for 11 years?  I eat (not really, but pretending is just as good, right?) lutefisk, the SO does not even pretend to eat kimchee.  I have been swayed.  Really influenced.  When the Giants won, I jumped up from my dark eggplant colored velvet loveseat and yelled, under my breath, Yay ~ oh yay.  I reiterate, I was alone, sans the SO. 

But hey, I figure I retained part of my personhood cuz I cheered for the underdog team.  And, I totally noticed the racism involved in the sport ~ but that deserves a blog post all on its own.  For now, suffice it to say that I am swaying in celebration for the Giants and hoping that the SO and I are celebrating (albeit in different geographical locations) their big upset.