OMG.  or as I just ran around my Attic saying loudly under my breath S–T, S–T, S–T.  I had been innocently Googling Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon’s video about her F—k’ing Matt Damon when whammo, I knocked over my .5L(1 PT,09 Fl oz) Arrowhead water bottle onto my laptop (aka Toshi).  Oh, did I forget to mention that the water bottle was OPEN?!  OMG! 

I immediately grabbed a Puffs plus w/lotion (hey, I’m a virtual advertisement for products) tissue to try and sop up the water seeping into Toshi’s keyboard.  I gave that idea up, quickly, and that’s when the running through the Attic saying S–T repeatedly came into play.  I headed straight for the Trader Joe’s “Super Amazing Kitchen Cloth” that I recently bought on impulse.  Over the past few days, I had been marveling at this cloth’s ability to absorb “over 10 times its weight in any liquid” even when it’s wet.  Well all I can tell you is that this Kitchen Cloth is truly and I mean truly, amazing.  I turned Toshi upside down and water ran out of his face, urrr I mean keyboard area, and this Cloth sopped all of it up.  It then seemed to gently pull or somehow attract droplets that were popping up between the keys.  OMG! 

Talk about a heart warmer upper.  My adrenalin is pumping now.  Oh that’s right.  It had already been pumping from my earlier Las Vegas rant.  None of this, however, takes away from the Kitchen Cloth’s heroic efforts to save the life of Toshi and peripherally my own.  My own, because I do not know that I have the inner reserves or resilience to withstand the death of my laptop in the midst of my dissertation work. 

I am hoping, mightily, that we have dodged a water bullet and that Toshi will not succumb later to any ill effects of his traumatic ordeal.  In closing, I would urge any of you who live near a Trader Joe’s to go there and purchase your very own Super Amazing Kitchen Cloth.  They come two to a package and when cared for properly are advertised to give you “years of service without losing its strength or absorbency.”  Hey, I’m a believer. 

Oh BTW, the Silverman & Damon video is fantastically funny.  It made me laugh out loud and that’s pretty good after just surviving the near death of a beloved and priceless friend.