Education is often times overrated.  Back in the day, the three “R’s” were considered readin’, [w]ritin’, and ‘rithmatic’ and then I think there is something thrown in about a hickory switch, just for good measure.  Included in the [w]ritin’ category, was spelling.  Now, I have always been a strong advocate for spelling.  I think snap judgments are made on our intelligence based on our ability to spell correctly.  At least it was back in the/my day.   Today, many are quick to judge one an old-timer or just plain dumb if current day acronyms like LOL, BFF, or my personal fave WTF, aren’t part of one’s everyday communications. 

What’s got me thinking about all of this, is the calendar hanging on the wall beside my desk.  The calendar that my grandkiddos made me, replete with monthly pictures that they drew just for me.  This morning when I turned the calendar over to February (yes, it’s true we’re already in the second month of 2008), I couldn’t help but smile at this month’s drawing.  There’s a big colorful red heart with lots of pink, purple and red circles surrounding it on an equally colorful background and right in the middle of the big red heart are the words All the love gose to you.  Ahhhhh.

Like I said, education, including spelling, are often times overrated.  I wouldn’t trade my hand drawn picture, or its words, or its spelling, or particularly the spellers, for anything in this whole big wide world.