When I move from this Attic space, I will most definitely miss the skylights.  Two in particular and one more than the other.  The favored skylight faces west toward the bay.  An evergreen tree towers above it, providing protection and a resting place for a myriad of birds.  Through this skylight, the full moon shines so brightly that it has been known to awaken visitors sleeping in what has been fondly dubbed the Heidi Alcove.  Readers of children’s books, may remember the tale of Heidi who went to live with her grandfather in the Swiss Alps and often slept on a bed of hay in a little alcove.  Well our Attic alcove is a cozy little spot and the best part of the alcove is this skylight.  I have spent many nights sleeping in this alcove just so I can gaze up and through the glass into the night sky.

It is through this skylight that I have enjoyed many a fireworks display being shot off at San Francisco’s Embarcadero area.  I watch them above the trees and the roof tops and feel like a favored viewer during the entire spectacular show.  And, Mother Nature seems to never be out done by human inventions as She regularly puts on the richest and brightest sunsets ~ all viewed through the Attic’s skylight. 

During the storms that we are currently experiencing, it is humbling and gratitude inducing to both hear and see the huge fat raindrops and later the white balls of hail bounce off the glass overhead.  The evergreen danced around and around and up and down but remained rooted, thank goodness. 

Praying comes easier in this little alcove than anywhere else in the Attic and I have attributed this fact to being granted a little view into the heavens through this beloved skylight.  When I am lying underneath this roof window there have been times when I felt both visible and part of the Universe above me.  comforted and quieted.  seen and accepted.