Okay, okay.  Enough already. 

In the course of two months, I have lost or had lifted, my Blackberry (aka Red), my favorita winter hat, and now I just discovered that my brand new pair of shoes that I bought in Alaska, are gone.  Missing out of Suitcase ~ MOOS.  In their place is an inspection notice by the airport suitcase inspectors that they inspected my luggage.  Now, I am trying my best not to jump to conclusions here.  I mean it could be a coincidence.  But come on folks, I hadn’t even worn my new shoes yet!  And because I have a hard time buying stuff like that for myself, losing a pair of shoes before I even get to wear them, stinks. 

Moreover, what is this losing, possible lifting, deal that I have going on.  I do not usually lose stuff.  What is the Universe telling me?  What?  Go buy a new pair of shoes and stop my whining? 

I don’t think I like that answer…