country-path.jpg   Lots to ponder as I stand still for a moment and survey the path in front of me.  Questions galore jockey for position in my head.  But one thing is for sure.  I am on a path and have been for quite some time. 

In my clinical work with clients, I talk quite a bit about the path.  I encourage clients to join me in visualizing the path on which they are currently walking, to pause and glance back over their shoulder to see where they have already trod and to note the distance they have already traveled.  I encourage them to then take a few more steps forward along their path and then to pause once again to check out the vista unfolding before them.  I support them in becoming conscious of their choices and their ability to make choices on which route they choose.  For some, their choice making is hampered by family and/or society’s mores, prejudices, power inequities, and the list can and does, go on and on.  And yet, it is the traveler’s feet that are on their path and I help clients claim their personal power through self knowledge and wisdom gained from the miles they have already covered. 

Segue back to me and my path ~

The path of graduate studies is coming to an end, I can see it up ahead, where it will merge with other paths.  The dissertation that I have been writing for eons must be complete no later than April 1st (how comical that it is April Fool’s day) and the intense academic scrutiny of my chosen topic of racism in the clinical hour will end.  Last night, at midnight I felt a solidness in my core, a knowing if you will, that I will complete this dissertation and that I will most assuredly graduate this year, 2008.  This knowledge hit me, not like a ton of bricks, more like a solid foundation that I found myself standing on.  Along with this sensation came relief and gratitude.  I can feel the earth solid under my feet with each step on this dissertation path.  Hallelujah and A-men! 

The search for home is front row and center.  Stepping into faith is called for.  Always.  A prayer to my spiritual base to open me up to hear and understand where I am called.  I am definitely a human being when it comes to wanting to believe in life’s callings.  I believe, most of the time (okay, a little more than half the time), that each of us are here for reasons often and largely unknown to us, at least in the beginning of the journey(s).  This belief provides me with comfort.  The angst comes in when I try to know prematurely. 

Today is the first day of 2008.  There is a wide vista unfolding before me and my feet are urging me on.  It is a scenic path and for that, I am thank-full.

  ~ [image courtesy of Google images]