For those of us who put up Christmas receptacles, I am wondering what you call them ~ socks or stockings or ??  I have always called them socks and I love the tradition of everyone having their very own sock and it being filled to the brim with their fave (aka favorita) stuff by Santa and Santa’s Helpers. 

The socks are hung up early in the season but remain empty until sometime in the wee hours Christmas Eve.  They are the very first thing that are tackled on Christmas morning when they are unceremoniously upended, spilling out their holiday loot. 

My daughter has carried on this tradition with her family and she has joined the Santa’s Helpers of the World by filling not only her childrens’ and spouse’s socks, she is now the Filler of mine.  When she first started putting things in mine, it felt all wrong.  I wasn’t ready for my daughter to be Santa’s Helper.  She was still my daughter, my little girl, and I had to be the filler of her sock, not the fill-ee.  But she persisted (as I have shared in previous posts, my daughter can be quite the perserverer) and we are now joint Santa’s Helpers and assist one another in ferreting out the prized pressies that fill our loved one’s toe warmers. 

Earlier today, things were getting a little dicey for some of the famdamily (meaning, fights were breaking out all over) with the holiday hype and expectations.  So she and I did what every good mother and daughter Santa Helpers would do and went sock stuffing shopping.  We managed to turn our day around and re-discovered the fun in the season which had temporarily gone into hiding.  I love my daughter.  I love the holiday season (despite the unattainable hype).  I love being Santa’s Helper.  And, I love Christmas socks.