I started out my Tuesday morning by sitting on my eyeglasses.  My prescription eyeglasses.  My one and only pair of prescription eyeglasses.  The same pair of eyeglasses that I have worn for 7+ years.  My ass bent them up pretty bad.  They are all catty-wompus (if that isn’t a word then I’ve been making it up for many years) and sit on my face totally off kilter.  Oh, did I mention that they are the seamless bifocal, a progressive lens to be exact.  Have you ever tried seeing out of half a bifocal? 

You might be asking right about now why I haven’t just gotten another pair.  Well I tried but since I need anti-glare or Scotchguarding cuz gosh darn it I suffer from nightblindness and regularly use a computer, the lenses would take 7-10+ days to arrive.  I am scheduled to return to California within that time frame.  So I am going around bumping into stuff and am taking Ibuprofen to combat the headaches that looking through crooked bifocals brings on. 

I think the moral of this story (there is always a moral, right?) is that I need to take better care of my physical self.  I have been trying to order new eyeglasses for over two years.  Unsuccessfully.  Not all of the failure is my own (i.e., wrong prescription, incompetent optometrist, etc.) but there are big chunks of responsibility that I must claim.  You see (pun intended I guess), I have a tough time getting myself to any kind of health care professional.  I don’t trust them, have had poor experiences with them, go long bouts with no health insurance, and often times cannot afford the over inflated medial costs.  But most of all, my feet dragging has to do more with not valuing myself enough to take care of my physical medical needs. 

This coming new year, I want to make this habit different.  I must make this different.  I deserve to take good care of me.