I seem to be in the questioning mood.  Here’s another one bopping around inside my head ~ what would you do with an unexpected six consecutive hours to do whatever you wanted?  would you do something different if you knew of this six hours ahead of time and could plan your activities or event?  what if they were the last six hours of your life and you knew it? 

Well, I hope for me that my upcoming six hours is not the latter…  I have a scheduled 6.5 hour layover in the Seattle airport later today.  I will let you know what I do/have done with the 390 minutes. 

Okay so it is now the next day and I did, indeed, survive my marathon day of airports and airplanes.  I breathed in my share of stinky halitosis, was forced to overhear numerous personal and business phone calls, and suffered through three solid hours of a toddler screaming in an enclosed space.  There was other stuff thrown in between all of those experiences and I will try and remember them as soon as I can forget the described scenarios.

But fast forward to now and the view from my window as I type this post is of snow covered trees, some bare limbed and some evergreen limbs.  They are beautiful and it is cold out there where they live.  Yep, I am home for the holidays.  I am a lucky woman.