Yesterday’s excursion to the Saturday market refreshed my mood and also served to remind me of the good things here in the city.  During our walk to the market there was a decided December briskness to the air on our cheeks.  The sky was a pale blue and the sun although brightly shining, still a paler version of its summer self.  The occasional breeze fluffed up the dried leaves on the uneven sidewalk as we trundled on by. 

While at the market I was reminded of what a buck can buy these days or more aptly put this is how I spent a buck or two yesterday ~

  • a bunch of small dirty (organic) red beets ($1.50) ~ along with a brief cooking tutorial from the Saturday market farmer who grew them;
  • two seedless California satsuma oranges along with two ripe persimmons with bright orange skin and dark green caps ($2.50/lb) ~ along with an eating tutorial from a Saturday market shopper;
  • a dollar each to the banjo/guitar/alto saxophone cases of three street musicians ~ along with enjoying their musical melodies ~ to me, street musicians enrich the whole Big City scene, I love them;
  • four quarters in exchange for a buck to go toward my muni bus fare.