When my daughter was a little girl she, like most children, would beg me to tell her a story or to read to her.  And then again, like many children, she wanted to imitate and read me a story too.  She would excitedly gather a favorite storybook and sit down, really close, beside me, open the book and then trace with her finger under the first sentence and proclaim “Once upon-y… (with no mention of ‘time’).”  That would make me smile every time.  No matter how tired I was or out-of-sorts or rushed, to hear her little girl voice announce “once upon-y time” ~ well it just sort of got me.  Made me slow down, if only for a fleeting minute.  Helped me stop and see her, my daughter, as the interesting, fun, funny, eager-to-learn-about-everything-in-her-universe-little-sponge that she was. 

Getting me to slow down during those years was a major feat in and of itself.  I was a single mom.  I had a high school diploma and a hearty work ethic embedded in my soul.  I worked a minimum of two jobs, and sometimes three, for most of the years of my daughter’s childhood.  That did not leave much time for once upon-y moments.  But being the clever and persistent little girl that she was, my daughter somehow ensured that there were those sit close beside each other times.  Enough, that I have savored them throughout the years in between then and now and felt warm and connected to her each time that phrase cycles through my memory banks. 

This daughter of whom I speak is no longer a little girl.  She grew up.  Transformed into an all growed up version of her little girl self.  And thankfully, she took with her all the great qualities she embodied as a kid.  I am proud of her.  I love her with all that I have in myself to love. 

What got me going down this particular memory lane this morning is anybody’s guess but I am glad that I took a few minutes to remember our once upon-y years.  From the past I am reminded to Enjoy this moment ~ enjoy this here and now ~ to stop the madness that goes on inside my head sometimes ~ to just sit still without the ongoing chatter of go-go-go-go and then why didn’t I go faster tape that receives too much air time.