what it takes to change old habits!  And the energy I expend in procrastination of tasks that I know from the beginning and all through the excruciating points in between, are going to have to be done, by me.  I guess it’s just my process. 

I realized the other day that my use of the term disser when thinking about and referring to my dissertation is no longer in line with the re-cultivation of a positive vibe for this particular project.  So good-bye to you old, tired, and no fun to work on disser. 

Hello to a project that deserves my respect and my dedication.  The topic of my dissertation doesn’t deserve to be diss’ed, especially by its own author.  So I am in the beginning stages of re-introducing myself to my chosen topic in hopes of establishing a more collaborative experience. 

Oh by the way or, BTW, I like the phrase in the heading as I say “man alive” a lot.  Well actually I say “man alive-er.”  Don’t ask me why as I don’t have an intersting answer, other than I add an ‘er’ onto some words when I’m goofing around. 

I do feel a tad more alive when I say, outloud, Woman Alive! 

Yeah, I like the sound of that phrase.