Comfort means different things on different days in different moods and varying climates.  Today, here in the Attic, on a cool (for here) blustery overcast day, comfort is calling by way of a new (to me) recipe cooked up in my big covered cast iron skillet.  Sometimes, more often than not really, I get in a rut with what I cook so it feels extra special good to cook something that is not on my fave-to-cook-short-meal list. 

So chicken cacciatore it is.  I began by browning the boneless/skinless thighs and breasts in a little olive oil.  The other ingredients looked so pretty as they sauteed away in my big black skillet ~ red bell pepper (green would have been a nice contrast but the SO was thoughtful and brought back a red one as it looked prettier to him than the green ~ that made me smile), red onion, garlic, and mushrooms ~ with the addition of canned diced tomatoes, black olives, some chicken broth, a bay leaf, good doses of dried oregano and basil, and smaller doses of kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper.  It’s now simmering away, covered by that big heavy cast iron lid.  I wish you could smell the aromas that have filled my little Attic abode. 

The aromas are filling the bill of comfort quite nicely.  And then there is the double comfort to look forward to ~ the first warm and yummy mouthful.  ahhhhhhh




I need that today.