That is my favorite number this week.  That number on a little ball with black lettering won me half of $1,000 big ones.  Yes, indeedy, I won big at BINGO this weekend.  My daughter, our friend, and I have a little tradition of going Bingo’ing at least once during my visits home.  Alaska winter’s can be long and dark and a Bingo hall (especially now that they’ve gone non-smoking) offers a warm bright place to hang out.  There is the added bonus of finding some folks of color in an otherwise very very White town.  I can feel my body sigh and relax when I walk in the doors.

I am lucky.  Really.  That is a fact about me.  I frequently win door prizes.  In fact, I have won them so many times that I now scout out what the prizes are so I can vibe on which one I want.  I have never won a raffle drawing but door prizes and now BINGO are lucky for me.  It was so fun to yell out BINGO, BINGO, BINGO! 

In California, I regularly purchase one Super Lotto and one Mega Million ticket weekly.  Most of my friends and family think I am silly at best and stupid and wasteful of money at the worst for ‘wasting’ my money.  But hey, someone wins  and it could just as well be me as anyone else.  Besides, I know who’s the lucky one around here and currently I have some winnings to prove it!