It seems that my family and I are full steam ahead traveling at mock speed toward the one day set aside in America to give our thanks.  On this day, multitudes of folks belly up around a table laden with food, gulp down mouthuls of lots of mashed and pureed edibles, and tolerate (or not) our extended family members.  It’s common knowledge and generally accepted that holidays are ripe and rife with family dramas and comedies, minor and major malfunctions, and hopefully, some good doses of love. 

I have been blogging about my loneliness far from my loved ones and I am grateful and thank-Full that I will be with them for the Big Eating Thanking the Universe for the Riches in Our Lives Day.  But even before I arrive on their doorstep(s), there is thanking to do along the way ~

  • for non-plastic/acrylic muni bus seats that are narrower than any adult’s buttocks to sit my very own buttocks on when I’m thousands of feet above Mother Earth;
  • I am not traveling with an infant (once one experiences this particular delight, the gratefulness to be sans infant, stays on the thanking list for a life time);
  • I am beginning my journey in a healthy state and through the years have perfected my pink bubbling technique to keep myself safe and immune from germs while airborne (if you are really nice to me, I might share this pink bubble skill with you);
  • for the internet and access to it so I can participate in my blogging endeavors even in Alaska.

Seriously, this blogging deal is proving to be more beneficial in my life than I could have imagined just a few short months ago.  Connecting with other folks who are thinkers    funny   living interesting lives and willing to share their adventures and their periods of being in the doldrums is great!  Also, having a creative outlet to offset the academic disser writing has been vital for my sanity (okay, okay, it hasn’t kept me from tipping over once in a while to the dark side…). 

I am a lucky lucky woman and today I know it.