rain-on-cedar_8917.jpg   Yesterday morning walking from Line 5’s bus stop to my office in the Big City, my head filled with thoughts and images of my familia, my body was overcome with an ache so great from the missing of these loved ones.  Intense.  Personal.  For a moment I wondered if I could go on with my day.  An image of myself crumpled in a ball on the ground skittered through and passed my line of vision.  I continued up the hill in pursuit of a cuppa joe. 

While purchasing my hot steamy dark bean elixir, I interacted with the workers I have come to know in passing ~ the common folk, like me.  A smile of recognition  a brief hello   how are you today    did you have a good weekend     thank you    take good care.  Simple words and a few smiles exercising my face ~ endorphins flowing. 

Back on the grey cold sidwalk I hear, then feel, pits, patters and popping of rain drops.  I look up and see the condensed fog releasing from the tree branches and leaves, creating a miniature rain forest.  Tranquil.  Refreshing.  A moment to be tucked away and carried throughout my day. 

The fog and its rain savored more deeply perhaps because it comes and then leaves when the sun breaks through.  Something akin to heart pain and heart joy, both induced by the same source, the folks whom I hold so dearly in my core. 

   ~ [photograph courtesy of Google images]