incense.jpg  After viewing many altars at today’s Dia de los Muertos street festival, my mind is pondering what would entice my spirit to return to Earth once it has gone onto whatever is next.  Of course there would be the opportunity to commune with my loved ones when they might be paying attention to my visit versus mistaking my whispered messages for the whir of butterfly wings or an annoying mosquito (depending on the content of my message).  But I can’t help but hope that whatever is next after life as we know it, will be wonderful enough that coming back, if even for a visit, will require some efforts of attraction from those left behind.  In other words, my altar will need to be loaded down with some Good Stuff!  *wink*

And by Good Stuff, I mean Stuff Like This ~

  • patchouli incense
  • beautiful Bullfrog candles
  • my favorita ceramic hedgehogs handcrafted by my daughter 
  • seashells from my seashell collection
  • salt plum seeds
  • shiny crystals
  • framed photographs of those I love (and you know who you are)
  • homemade stuff made with me in mind
  • fresh squeezed lemonade in a beautiful cobalt blue Mexican blown glass
  • bouquets of colorful poppies
  • colorful fancy lights

But most of all, I’ll be expecting you to drop by for a little visit.  When you do, leave me a handwritten note from your heart to mine.  I promise to read it right then and there. 

   ~ [photograph courtesy of Flickr photographer]