I’m excitedly looking forward to my tomorrow day’s plans.  And that is saying a lot, the excitement piece that is, given the disser depressive state that I’ve been wallowing in for a while now.  Every year since I’ve lived here in the Bay area, I have wanted to check out Fruitvale’s Day of the Dead festival but this is the first year that I am actually going to act on this wanting.  Fruitvale’s celebration is touted as being the nation’s biggest Day of the Dead street fair.  I am psyched! 

Yesterday I got on the miraculous Information Highway and Googled Day of the Dead as I realized that I did not know the origins of this tradition or what was really being celebrated.  Okay, I sort of figured that dead people were at the center of the hoopla but beyond that, I was ignorant.  Not that I haven’t been known to ignorantly partake of celebrations without understanding their cultural underpinnings or meanings.  I have been guilty of such a sin against enlightenment and even enjoyed the fruits of the celebratory foods and festivities.  But this time, my inquiring mind got the best of me and I am glad that I read up on tomorrow’s festival as I think it will hold much more meaning for me now. 

I appreciate the idea of honoring the dead and having two days set aside to encourage and invite the spirits of those who have passed over to another time and place, back to this Earth realm.  Some of the enticements include their fave foods, beverages, and fave material items all set up on an altar.  The belief is that on Halloween evening (it used to be at the beginning of the summer but the traditions were blended with Christian beliefs a long while back) that the door between the cosmos opens and the spirits of those we hold dear can come through, hang out, and party with us for a few hours.  I like that idea! 

I’ll let you know how the street shindig pans out tomorrow.