lake-2.jpg  Whenever I am going through challenging times or when my psyche is trying really hard to figure something out, my dreams become particularly vivid.  Do yours?  Since I was a little girl, I have had a theory about dreams.  It goes something like this ~ there are alternate realities, planes if you will, where we live tandem lives to the one we think of as reality and that’s where our dreams are taking place.  In other words, we go where our dreams take us.  When we experience deja vu, we are re-experiencing moments lived in these alternative realities.  At least that’s a theory that rings true for me throughout my life. 

My psyche is presently sifting through my disser topic or at least that is what I truly hope is happening in there.  Otherwise, this little speculation of mine is blown to smithereens.  As a result of this concerted effort on my behalf, my dreams are allowing the other components of myself to live a full, exciting, and sometimes dangerous life(s).  In this past week, I have been a helpmeet to incarcerated women and their children in prisons, a surviving family member of a kidnapped child, a windwalker who was loathe to touch the earth, a nameless person adrift on a small handmade raft on a lake surrounded by fog, and a uniformed soldier scared for my life and terrified of taking a life. 

Dreams.  So vivid  so engaging   so lived. 

Meanwhile back on planet Earth in my little Attic apartment, my mind continues to percolate on prisons and their loud sounds and putrid smells and human spirits striving to survive   the feel of rough bark and smooth log under my haunches, the damp mist on my face and the water’s eddying motion taking me to Who knows where.

    ~ [photograph courtesy of Flickr photographer]