I am currently participating in a comparison game of the pro’s and con’s of living in a Big City versus a more rural little town or village setting.  I wish any of the scenarios I am currently considering were as vibrantly lovely as the village in this photograph [courtesy of a Flickr photographer]

It seems that each time I identify one good thing here in the Big City life then I am confronted with an immediate negative thing.  Or maybe it just seems that way following yesterday’s afternoon walk in downtown Berkeley.  Now some might say that Berkeley is not a Big City and I would agree with them only to the extent that there is a much Bigger City across the way from here.  But in my mind and experience, Berkeley and all of the neighboring connected ‘burbs, constitute Big City living. 

Lest it seem that I am transferring all of my dissatisfaction and angst onto city living and before I start sounding slightly (okay, overly) shrewish and whiny, I will now identify some of the perks I receive from living in a Big City.  Because there are some.  Really, there are.  And just to prove it, here’s the beginning of my list ~

  • first, and foremost, a diverse population
  • second, and secondmost, a diverse population
  • lots of DeeLish eateries from which to choose – some even fairly inexpensive
  • Farmer’s markets within walking distance from my Attic
  • a really cool independent movie rental place within walking distance of my Attic
  • fairly reliable public transportation
  • a modicum of annonymity on those days when I crave such a thing

There are more good things to go into the Rah-Rah for City Living column and I will add to it as I continue life as a city dweller.  I would throw in the part about the awesome weather but I have a feeling that if I went into the wilds hereabouts (and some folks swear there really is such a thing here in the Bay area), that the sun would be shining there too.  I would also most likely be followed by the brisk autumn breeze that is blessing the Big City today.