Of all the things on my long to do list that I could be doing right this very moment, I am instead daydreaming of joining this little canine fellow [courtesy of a Flickr photographer] in his pursuit of the perfect pastime.  The skies are grey and there are raindrops spattering on my west facing skylight and my snuggly down duvet is calling “oh junemoon, come back ~ you could be so comfy.”

But I am strong and I will remain in the upright position and I will prioritize my day and then set about avoiding urrrr I mean, working toward my stated goals.  Just in case though should you stop by for a visit and the colored lights aren’t lit up all bright and cheery at my north and west facing windows, it’s your signal to check back another day, ‘k? 

Meanwhile, I’ve added a few pages to my little blog ~ essays and some stuff just for fun (remember, fun?), so I hope you’ll check them out.  Blogging is such an engaging activity, way better than napping, right?  Oh come on, you’re supposed to say yes *wink*.