wisewoman1.jpg   I am scheduled to meet with the second reader on my disser committee tomorrow.  I am hoping for a jump start or a tow out of this muddy pit of paralysis.  This woman is extremely smart and capable and generous of her time and help.  I fear, however, that my major disser malfunction may have more to do with psychology than cognitive challenges.  That is where my wish for the wise women comes in.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that my disser second reader or disser chair are not wise women.  I am saying that I seem to have access to their intellectual intelligence; which is great in and of itself but my current psychic, spiritual, and emotional self(ves) is in greater need of wisdom.

For wisdom, I go to women and have seldom, if ever, been helped in that department by men.  At least that is my conclusion as I sit here today at my desk waiting for three wise women to appear at my doorstep.  Of course they will be laden with gifts of belief in my woman self, motivation, and the fire of spirit to reach my disser journey’s end.