bart.jpg   Queued up.  Waiting in line.  No sheltie collie to nip at our heels.   Herding onto the train, anyway.  Previous commitments, paychecks, or escape from something worse than the day that awaits in the city, serve as the shepard’s stick – urging us forward. 

On a Sunday when I am warming up to tackle the disser or just plain procrastinating my fate for the day, I am sharing some snippets from my old blog about the commuter herd.

On a Monday or a Wednesday at least five months ago…

My Ques-ti-on for the day – – –

Why do we care what others think of us?  more precisely

Why do I care what others think of me?

Even more particularly, people I/we don’t even know and may never see again, ever.  Like fellow BART riders.  More specifically, did that man sitting across from me, facing me, this morning between 8 AM and 8:25 AM, really give a S- -T what I was doing or where I was looking?  or for that matter, do I really give a S- -T whether or not my earbuds were too loud for those close to me?

On a Monday or a Wednesday or a Thursday at least six months ago…

My day started out by my whacking (accidentally) another BART passenger with my backpack when I was trying to move by her rather large frame.  The whackee then let her displeasure be known (quite loudly) by harrumphing.  And then we had to sit side-by-side all the way into the Big City.  Lovely.

The trip home wasn’t to be without its own little fun experience.  I was excited to catch a train about 8 minutes earlier than I normally do (come on, it’s the little things in life, right?) only to have a woman sit down beside me (never mind that there were oddly many empty seats) who literally reeked of garlic and the odor of warm urine.  I kid you NOT.  Not like old stale urine but fresh WARM urine AND garlic – not the fresh good smelling kind but the odor of garlic being sweated out through every STINKING pore in her body.  HELP. 

Oh and I’m not finished.  Unbeknownst to me, there had been some kind of major problem with the BART system earlier in the day.  So although the train came earlier than usual, we then had the pleasure of sitting in the tunnels, underground while we waited, repeatedly, for the trains in front of us to move on.  Me and Miss Odiferous that is.  I arrived at my station 5 minutes later than usual. 

Back to today and my bid to push off my disser duty…

I am sending out a little prayer of gratitude, right this very moment, that I am Not currently sitting on the BART and that there is no urine odor, fresh or stale, filling my nostrils.  Oh yeah, and there are no nose pickers or snot snorting folks of any kind in my vicinity.  Some days are just grand.