wind chimes

                                       pl. n.

An arrangement of small suspended pieces, as of glass, metal, or ceramic, hung loosely together so that they tinkle pleasingly when blown by the wind. Also called wind-bells .

This definition according to American Heritage online dictionary (photo by Flickr photographer).  Not a bad attempt at describing something as lovely as these works of art.  Sometimes the unattractive (not to be confused with ugly) chimes redeem themselves by way of their exceedingly melodic tinkling.  And then there are those that embody all the bells and whistles, beauty and grace, combining visual beauty with magnificant tones.  All of that is to say that some wind bells are gorgeous, breathtaking, and stunning while others are unsightly, a blight on the eyes, and awkward.  Some wind chimes are gorgeous but tin-ny while another one is ugly but musical.  Another case of not judging a book by its cover.  No rushing to judgment.  That is until the breeze comes along and the bells have their way. 

In some ways, wind chimes resemble people.  pretty plain  handsome  good looking  to someone.  their tones   like words   music to your ears but  nails down a chalkboard to me.  some with a story worth telling and  others just a lot of hot air and no  tinkle.  Like beauty is in the eye of the beholder but let’s consider the music in the ear of the listener

Pleasing to the eye or not, wind chimes have saved my butt on more than one occasion. 

Re-wind to four years ago…

Walking alone down a broken and uneven sidewalk in a new to me town (big city really) on my way to my weekly hour of therapy.  For fifty mintues (it’s the day of managed care), two people would consciously attempt to connect with  each   other.  The sun is shining and it is a warm California October day but it may as well have been a frigid life-less terrain.  Nothing was getting    in   to my senses.  I was caught up in loneliness.  Homesick.  Able to see only the same lonely days ahead of me.  When

out of nowhere – ness

came a tinkling    the resonance of wind chimes. 

For me, that particular moment of hearing is frozen in time.  I looked up and around until my seeking eye fell upon a second floor porch.  This wooden porch was home to a wind chime.  No, not one but a multitude.  Some of the wind bells were made of wood  others from a variety of metal and glass and shells.  My eye spied works of whimsy and artful creations.  But mainly my spirit felt   resonated   with the tones and tinkling that sprang from these chimes. 

Immediately, I was brought back to the present   moment.  Warm sun warm breeze  flowering plants, shrubs trees  honking car horns     people other than me.  Me.  walking forward  my current path a city sidewalk.  In that moment, I sent out a prayer of gratitude of spiritual re-connection.  A precious moment brought to me by a wind bell. 

Present moment…

Try doing an internet search for wind chimes.  I did and am astounded at the results.  So many folks talking about a bell.