Hello World ~

After blogging for almost a year on another server where I made the contents available to only a few identified friends, I am spreading my wings and expanding my horizons.  Since comprehending how to create a blog using all of the resources such as widgets, rss feeds, etc. is difficult for this blogger, the mechanics may be a bit rough in the beginning.  However, I think I must simply jump into the deep end of the ocean and swim with the sharks and hope for a friendly dolphin or two to come my way to keep me afloat.  A loggerhead turtle sighting would be cool too.

My previous blog entries revolved around my life as a grad student, my familia, with some smatterings now and then about my evolving self as a Korean adoptee (aka KAD).  There were occasional poems penned by yours truly and humorous little diddies once in a while.  Being a life long journaler, I enjoyed a new venue in which to reflect on life’s adventures and the opportunity to share my reflections, thoughts, and reactions.  What I missed was writing about some of the stuff that rattles around inside my brain, psyche, and emotions that might not have been so interesting to the few who were able to read the entries.  I guess I felt since I was writing in a more public way versus the more private traditional journaling, I wanted a potentially wider audience.  Plus, I wanted to be able to connect with other KADs. 

Having said all of that, something scintillating should immediately follow…  But no.  Not in this entry as I want to hit the ‘publish’ button and take the big dive.  I hope that wished for dolphin comes along quickly as I don’t know how to swim.  Or I will have to trust what my SO tells me – everyone can float, it’s simply a matter of mind over one’s fears and relaxing. 

He’d better be right.