or is it Magical miracles?

The famdamily birth day trek to Homer was blessed by Mother Nature Herself and I do believe a Universal Fairy or two. So much beauty outside our car windows as we whizzed down the highway – lush greens interspersed with white patches of snow on the mountains, gorgeous purple lupine, flowering delicate pink wild roses, wispy wild cotton groupings, various shades of purple wild geraniums, and milky colored glacial rivers tumbling along. Eye candy, for sure.

We basked in sun and blue skies and everyone came back to Anchor Town with killer (hopefully not literally) tans. I came back with enough Homer Spit and Bishop’s Beach stones and a few shells, including two China Hats, to outfit my round honey-toned wooden table desk here at the Compound.

Our accommodations were Great (with the exception of being required to clean our kitchen before departing) with the beach outside our backdoor and a good sized deck to lounge about on. The grandkiddos, along with a few of the adults, thoroughly enjoyed the over-sized jacuzzi tub! The kiddos are still at a young enough age that simple pleasures in life brings them full-on joy and excitement and that in and of itself made me laugh out loud.

Now that we’re back, yours truly is working hard on the old disser. In fact, I am getting ready to send my chair updated versions of the personal statement and statement of the problem later this morning. Cool. Way cool.