the Bear that is. Our roomie reports chasing the ‘biggest’ black bear she’s ever seen (and she’s lived in Alaska a good long time) out of the compound’s big green dumpster on Saturday morning. She said that when he got down from the dumpster that he didn’t exactly run away in fear but had more of a mildly disgruntled gait and demeanor as he ambled away. I guess this recent wild-life siting confirms my suspicion, I ain’t in Kansas anymore or the BC (aka Big City for those who aren’t in the know).

The salmon smoking neighbor reports throwing a red salmon carcass in the bear’s lunch box, urrr, I mean dumpster the night before… So far, no one here at the compound has reported any additional visits thus far – although the old slightly schizoid-acting guy in the back cabin most likely wouldn’t give any of us the head’s up if he were to see the four-pawed big guy around.

Mother Nature has been trying to help douse the wild-fires that have been burning up the Kenai Peninsula greenery as well as the fires, here and there, in town. Her help has come in the form of rain the past several days. The forecast is for slightly clearing, translated to cloudy to overcast skies by this evening and then partly/mostly cloudy sans rain by tomorrow. See, I really am back in Alaska as the weather is usually one of the most jabbered about topics in this often times Frozen Northland.

On another topic, it’s hard to be cheerful after having one’s sleep interrupted all night long (and I’m not referring to Lionel Ritchie’s love song either) by the SO’s very loud and rumbling snores and accompying sleep apnea noises. In fact, not much can make yours truly grumpier than a night spent in that kind of living hell except maybe multiple nights of the never ending, train roaring, mind ricocheting, jolts of snores and snorts! OMG!!!

Onto another topic – you guessed it, the Disser. So far, I am proud to announce that I have logged approximately 76.5 hours of focused work time and am preparing to send my chair almost 20 pages of writing plus a 12 page reference list. Although the 19 (okay, almost 20 sounds a little more impressive ) pages are very rough, they do represent a lot of time, effort, and mental aerobics.

Have I mentioned lately that my grandkiddos are the BEST?