Settled in here at the Alaska Compound, surrounded by cabins, a stand alone garage turned upholstery shop, and other out buildings on wooded acreage. One of the tenants of the land baron, our roomie, has set up a killer bandmiton net out on the long rectanglular grassy area by the drive. The same folks also smoke salmon, not in the stogie fashion, but in a Little Chief smoker. Last year they set the smoker up right under the eaves of their deck overhang and since we live above them, right under us. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the smell of a smoker and I love the taste and smell of smoked salmon, but come on – you’ve gotta be kidding me – for a week! Our entire place was filled to smokey capacity for seven, count them, seven days. Hell – the Earth’s possible Creator took that many days to create, well… Earth. This year the SO, at my urging, asked the guy if he could re-situate the smoker and he, surprised that the process could bother anyone, agreed; and, he did. He set it up in a great location – far from our windows (which have been open 24/7 this week due to sunny and very warm – 70’s temps). And then, yesterday I noticed the smoker was missing from its new spot. Where did it go, I wondered. Well, this morning around 4:20’ish I wake up from a dream of swimming in smoke along with many red salmon. It wasn’t exactly a nightmare but I can tell you that it wasn’t a exactly a pleasure cruise sort of dream either. Anywho. Guess what???? The smoker must be either back in its old location or very near the old location as the aroma of wood chips, smoke, and salmon hung heavy in the air – inside our abode. WTH? All I can say, or at least what I’m going to say is I sure hope we get a hunk of smoked salmon this year and beyond that wish, I sure hope that when/if we do, that it’s tasty.

Plus, with all of the warm dry weather and temps the wildfire season is really having a hay day (or would that be a smokey day?). A big fire down south of us (in the area where we’re slated to be this time next week for my Birth Day celebration) has enveloped this area; thanks to the shifting winds, in heavy smoke. The skies look eery. You know the kind of yellowish tinted sky where one could almost believe a natural or unnatural disaster of some kind had taken place just recently? Yep. That’d be the kind of sky I’m talking about this morning.

As for the disser work, it’s coming along rather nicely. I am pressuring myself a lot and have moments of panic but when I really think about the process, I think I’m right where I am and that it’s not a bad place or pace. That’s a long winded way of saying, I’m working on it. Last week I logged 40 hours of focused disser work and this week will be about the same, maybe a little more.

The famdamily (another familial expression) has gone GS’ing (remember, that stands for Garage Sale’ing) which garned lots of good loot – such as, a .50 cent web cam (one guess who bought that – okay, it was my SO who absolutely delights in purchasing electronic stuff at GS’s some of which works, like said web cam and some that is busted and even looks busted when he buys it), a brand new George Foreman grill that’s big enough to grill 8 burgers at one time for 10 bucks (my buy), a desk mat (the kind to help office chairs roll around on – for my chair) for a buck, and lots of other good junk, urrr, I mean treasures.

The forecast calls for occasional showers tomorrow but I think unless it’s pouring the wet stuff that we’ll go out GS’ing for at least a bit in the morning. Hey – it makes us all laugh and gets us going. Entertainment Alaskan style.