is as lazy does. Is that true? Really?

My question of the early afternoon is what exactly does lazy mean? or, how inactive must one be before being – accurately – accused of being lazy? does procrastination equal laziness? especially if, eventually, one does accomplish the procrastinated chore/task/project/disser?

I debated this exact definition with a BART friend several weeks ago. Her defining moment of laziness was walking by her recyclables, numerous times, on her way out the door and each time deciding to take the bag out, later. My re-frame on her edict of laziness was that instead of being lazy, she was reclaiming her personal power to choose when she would take the recyclables outside. Get it? Reclaiming her personal power versus exercising her lazy muscle. She wasn’t buying my definition and stuck with her pronouncement of personal laziness.

I hope she’s wrong ‘cuz if she’s right then I might have to admit that I am one lazy disser writer.

OMG. That is such a distressing thought that I might just have to go look for a hammock to lounge in just to reclaim my breath.