Today is the second day of my summer break from joining the masses as we make our way into the BC. For me this year the journey entailed either a walk or a drive to the BART station – being careful to arrive early enough to wait in a long queue so I could hopefully sit my butt down in one of the last available seats for the 30 minute (give or take, depending on the number and length of unscheduled stops, pauses, and jerky starts) and then a 10-15 minute wait for the shuttle van which would take me directly to the school in 10-15 minutes depending on traffic. My stop was the last of the three unless I hopped off at the first one and walked through the campus – which I did quite frequently before and then long after my knee blow-out.

There will be no direct shuttle van in the fall so I will be learning the how’s and where’s of the BC muni bus system. But for now and for the next three months, nothing requires me to make this 3-4 times a week pilgramage (although I don’t think going into my internship rises to the definition of a ‘sacred place’ as the destination).

I am grateful for this break, this respite if you will. For while there was always something or someone(s) to entertain me, knowingly or not, I must tell you that I will not miss the filthy seat upholstery nor the stale air nor the often times oderiferous fellow travelers.

Having said all of this, I must also add that I am grateful that the BART exists. Otherwise, I would be driving into the BC in Harvey (my 18-year-old Geo Spectrum automobile) who is a stick shift and currently has a very loud muffler system.

So a little summer break is, indeed, relished by yours truly. And this is only the second day into this delightful BART/muni bus reprieve.