or the bean that wasn’t green. or the story of this red jelly bean’s life. or if I were a bean I’d most likely be this one. not green. not like the other beans who huddle together in great numbers.

don’t get me wrong, the older I grow the more I realize that I do not want to be a green bean or part of the masses. I wouldn’t mind though being respected and appreciated for my contributions and differences in perspective – even if I’m not a green bean. You know what I mean, jelly bean?

On another note altogether, my SO had oral surgery today and is now one tooth-less than he was this morning. Poor guy. As is his way, he is not taking care of himself but insisting that he is just fine even though his body and psyche have been through a trauma. He is trying to gum a banana even as I type… Can we say – infection here we come?

On yet another note, my disser chair is super responsive and has already provided me with feedback on my outline. I am grateful for all of her help and am doubly determined to get this baby birthed.