My silence on this blog so far this month does not denote an emptiness in my life or happenings. On the contrary really as life has been clicking along at a fairly steady, if not urgent, pace.

It is in this month that I secured a dissertation chair. Finally, for real, and no, I’m not hallucinating or joking or dreaming for that matter. Although the professor who has agreed to sponsor my study could, in fact, be considered a dream chair woman – accomplished, bright, generous with her time and attention, super knowledgeable and informed on my topic area, and did I mention that she is an overall wonderful human being? Okay, okay. Maybe I am a bit on the Finally-Secured-A-Real-Life-Dissertation-Chair Cloud Nine. But my enthusiasm, delight, and relief are sincere nonetheless.

May is also the month that I presented my first seminar of what I hope to be many on the topic of racism and psychotherapy. So there was lots of preparation for that event which I am pleased to report was well received by the seminar participants.

I have been going into the BC a lot this month as I have been working an additional day per week to make up for the missed time due to the funeral and injury/illness. So this coming week will be another four days of round-trip BART rides for yours truly but then I have a four day weekend thanks to the Memorial Day holiday. And then I will only have three more days before I conclude this academic year’s internship! Yay, yay, and another Yay!!!

As for this Sunday morning in the Attic, the SO is on one of his hunting and gathering missions at a local grosh. I will then perform my duties as the Cooker of what he has netted in the brown paper bags. I have been craving refried bean burritos. I usually like corn tortillas but for one whole week now I have been jones’ing for a soft flour bean burrito. Go figure. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that the SO will return with the correct ingredients and that I will be gnoshing on some warm comforting burritos later today.