Does anyone know the origin of the term ‘May Day’ when used as a signal for distress – you know like on a ship that’s sinking and the captain calls over a radio, ‘May Day! May Day!?’

There’s also the ‘May Day’ that marks the first day of the month of May, like today. I think there’s a celebration of some sort that involves a maypole (does anyone know exactly what that is) and little girls in dresses dancing around said pole with flowers in their hands and hair. Or maybe that was just a bad dream I conjured up one night…

Anywho. I think that May Day also has something to do with flowers that come after April showers.

I simply do not know. And that, my friends, is only the beginning of what I do not know on this May Day morning here at the Attic. Here are some of my other un-knowings:

* why a landlord raises the rent for long term reliable renters when they’re already charging fair market price;

* why I can’t figure out the metric system;

* whether I will successfully complete my dissertation, in this decade;

* when the Attic’s bathroom will be clean;

* where I will have a cup of coffee this morning as I ground the last of the beans day before yesterday;

* whether I will send a draft of my dissertation questions to my committee’s second reader, today or in this life time; and,

* whether or not I really have a dissertation chair.

As I review today’s little list of un-knowings, I am asking myself how many of their answers/outcomes will really matter in five years. The answer for some of them seems to be an affirmative. Although I probably will not care by then whether or not the Attic’s bathroom ever was cleaned, unless of course, the SO or I catch some horrid disease from the filth…