This little puppy in the above Flickr photo is giving me the impression that he has the best idea of how to spend my day. Oh alright, I am just using his little sleeping canine face as another excuse (yes, I have a long list of them) to procrastinate attending to my Friday’s To Do List.

On an aside, I am wondering how many of you reading this blog ever go out and about running your daily errands without brushing your face or washing your teeth or combing your hair (although yours truly’s hair doesn’t need to be brushed given it’s very short length). Ooops. I guess I gave myself away – yes, I have been known to go into public domains, un-toiletry (not to be confused with actually going to the toilet) attended. Do you?

Usually this going about ungroomed invites running into people I know and being glad that I took the time to at least suck on a Listerene strip on the way to my errand destination. That is another plus, I guess, to living in a BC – the odds of my unexpectedly encountering an acquaintance is low and of seeing a friend, even lower.

Back to what I am filling my day with – I think I can safely count on myself to commit to cooking up a pot of pinto beans, organic ones no less, with some onions – yellow and red, garlic, coarse salt, and maybe a little bacon. Oh and to be able to cook or do anything in the Attic’s kitchen today will entail some dishwashing…

There’s always my disser work but for some reason today I am fighting the tide.

Okay enough minutia – onward to the real deal of life. Hot water and green apple scented Dawn dish detergent, here I come.