Tomorrow is Earth Day and there are lots of local celebratory events. Our little Saturday Farmer’s Market has an annual Earth Day fair with lots of artisan vendors, entertainment, and food booths along side the usual market vendors.

As the SO and I were on our way to this fair, we came upon a GS where the SO purchased five puzzles (score for him!) and yours truly’s take away treasures included an oval shaped birchwood multi-tiered jewelry box for two bucks (double score!) and a pair of Docker pants (which unfortunately are too small for me right now) for one buck. We had to haul our loot home and then head back out again for the Earth Day festivities.

The backtracking was well worth it even on a cloudy rain spattering blustery Saturday. I was reminded of the good things that this cityscape offers – a diverse population out walking, biking, boarding, and scootering about with bags (recyclable of course) of fresh veggies, fruit, and flowers and free events with live entertainmnet.

The fair was bigger than I remember it being last year and the SO and I shared a falafel wrap that was deLish. There were lots of jewelry artisans and I did my best to take mental snapshots of some of the designs to share with my jewelry creator friend this summer. I am continually amazed and in awe of people’s creativity. My discovery that was too good to pass up was a pink pearl necklace with a medium sized oval rose moonstone pendant with dangly earrings. They are lovely and I am wearing them even while I describe them.

The SO and I both needed a bit of fun to lively up our day as this past week has held its own bit of stress and concerns. My clients have been greatly affected by the Virginia Tech incident – racial backlash issues, heightened awareness of mortality, and a lessened sense of safety.