topic, that is, and write about it. That’s the advice I gave myself this morning when trying to decide which, of many, subjects I would blog about following my long absence.

So as the photo suggests, I have chosen the very important one of nail polish colors – how to choose the best one to suit your particular mood, what brands wear the longest without chipping or peeling, and how to protect nails from polish remover (can’t be done, in my estimation).

Following a 6-9 month hiatus from wearing polish for almost 10 years, I chose Revlon’s Night Light, Color Beam Sheer, shade. I usually avoid Revlon polish as it hasn’t worn as long as other brands, but there is a woman whom I’ve gotten to know on the BART commute who inspired me with her cool nail color. She couldn’t remember the name of the color but said it was a Revlon product. Scintilating subject, huh?

Well I have found that painting my nails again has helped me cope with life in the present. Don’t ask me why because I couldn’t really explain it. What I do know though is that life feels a bit more ‘normal’ when I get a flash of my hand adorned with the soft glowy lavender tinted nails.

Go figure.

I have returned to the Attic from spending time with my SO and his family as they shared their good-bye process following his father’s death. My take-away from that process is that Minnesotans eat a lot of bbq’d meat – pork, beef, and chicken. Plus, everyone agrees that Walleye fish, which is on every menu in some form, have too many bones.

But seriously, where do we go after we die? Is there a life hereafter? I think I liked it better when I blindly believed that there was a heaven. Now, it’s not so much that I totally dis-believe in the heaven deal – it’s more like I just don’t know. And that feels unsettling.

Maybe I’ll slap on another coat of Night Light