Yes, it is true. In the midst of life’s major events, mundane tasks continue to require attention and action. Today, in the Attic’s (and thus my) case, this means some serious “down and dirty” (pun intended) elbow grease, spit-and-polish, sweating-like-a-pack-mule – housecleaning. And I am not a-kidding.

So far, I have a load of laundry going – which given my still healing knee, is no small accomplishment. The washer/dryer are three flights down – and once down there, yours truly has to come back up – three flights. Lovely. Not. More like Ouch.

Sometimes though when big events occur, I find I want to fashion some kind of order. Take control of some little corner of my life and I would say that cleaning up a pig pen, urrr I mean my Attic, fits that bill.

One of life’s Big Events is that my SO’s father died yesterday morning. The whole family, including my SO, were able to be by his bedside for the passing and for that, they are all grateful. This is the first death/loss in my SO’s life of someone close to him and I am holding him and his family in my heart as I go about my cleaning and other activities today.

I thought of my SO’s mom last night, going to bed alone for the first time in years and years. They had been married for 61 years and had known one another for 70. Can you imagine?

So I am creating some order here at the Attic today as I mull over those existential questions and thoughts – where does one go after ‘here,’ is there a soul, is it hard to go…