of joy in my life, of which there have been, many.

This Flickr photo makes me pause, enjoy and ponder. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.



I am in the thick of reading for my dissertation. I am consuming (via my eyes & mind), mass quantities of academic journal articles and books. The writings cover the history of race and racism in America, how the field of clinical psychology has dealt with these issues, trauma and trauma treatment in the field of clinical psychology, and finally, where racism and trauma intersect.

This reading and research is proving to be highly interesting, rich, engaging, enraging, unbelievable, inspiring, invigorating, and draining at times. In other words, I am in the full throes of real learning.

In many ways the dissertation process can, and is, full of jumping hoops and stupid academic requirements that make little to no sense to anyone; particularly the author. However, there is this other element – the true meaning when one chooses a topic that is alive and powerful (at least to the author). There are times when I feel so privileged to have this task and opportunity to focus, study, pause, ponder, write, and ultimately contribute to a body of knowledge and learning.

The process is most definitely intense and the deadlines loom closer with each passing day but these past several days I have felt the saying that speaks to the journey being the important part with the goal being just a part of this journey.