that I’ve experienced no slipping and falling, no matter how carefully. And I don’t mind saying that not doing so has taken some acrobatic deftness on my part.

Seriously, have you ever tried walking about with a cane or what is now euphemistcally called a walking stick? Doing so requires much thought and coordination. Although I do possess an ability to think, I must admit to not being coordinated. So following several acrobatic feats (if flailing about counts as acrobatics) and nearly taking out the shuttle bus driver with the walking stick, the stick will be returned to the generous lender on Monday. Meanwhile, it is resting and recuperating at my office in the BC.

The good news is that I am now walking stick and knee brace, free. Although I am still needing to favor the left leg and can’t put my weight fully on it which requires some continued hopping about, there has been much healing and progress.

I can say that when I had the cane, urr I mean walking stick, with me that fellow BART riders did not push or shove on me. In fact, when I went to get on the escalator, the sea of people parted thus making my unceremonious hopping onto the moving metal stair a bit easier. Some of you may recall that getting on and off an escalator is not part of my polished skill set even with my normal gait.

Okay. Enough of my update on my gimpiness. For now, at least.