is rough when you can’t swing your left knee up over the saddle and you can’t put your weight on your left knee to swing your right knee over the saddle. When basically you can’t do Jack Crap with your left knee.

I had a little set back this morning getting in and out of the shower. I’ll save you the mental image but suffice it to say that my knee is none the better for the experience – cleaner but more painful.

But yours truly is ready to be back in the saddle. Does anyone have a hoist I could borrow? If no hoist is available, I’d settle for a cane if it comes with a tutoring DVD on how to use it – most of you know that coordination isn’t one of my high points.

Today I’m writing a case presentation to present on Monday and I am reminded of the importance of keeping my writing skills up by writing regularly.

I am also jones’ing for some tasty fried rice. I wish I could stand up long enough to cook some – just the memory of the last batch I cooked has my mouth watering… Maybe I can get the SO to go to the Bowl and bring some back. He’s already done a load of my laundry today though. Okay, I guess there are some perks to being laid up with a bum knee. But to tell you the truth, I’d rather be trundling up and down the stairs under my own power.